måndag, mars 29, 2010

"Jerusalem är ingen ´bosättning`, det är vår huvudstad"

Premiärminister Netanyahu slog fast det
alla egentligen redan vet:
Jerusalem är sedan 3.000 år den judiska
statens huvudstad. Jerusalem är en och
odelad. Israel tänker inte dela sin huvud-
stad med en terrororganisation styrd från
Se hans viktiga programtal inför AIPAC
i Washington:
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu challenged U.S.
Secretary of State Hillary Clintons strong anti-united
Jerusalem stand and told a cheering American Israel
Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) crowd Monday night,
"Jerusalem is not a settlement; its our capital."
He pointed out that Israel has made constant to the
concessions to the United States and Palestinian Authority
but drew the red line at Jerusalem, reasoning that building
houses for Jews in all of united Jerusalem in no way precludes
the possibility of a two-state solution. More than half of the
American Congressmen were among the more than 7,000
people listening to the speech at the annual conference of
the pro-Israel lobby group in Washington.
The speech was delayed in order to allow people to enter
the packed convention hall.
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