torsdag, augusti 21, 2008

Islamistiska quislingar mördar i Georgien

Tjetjenska quisling-bataljoner, rekryterade bland
tidigare islamister som nu mördar åt de ryska
ockupanterna, har dykt upp även i Georgien:
Muslim Chechen commandos attached to Russian
troops in Georgia Radio Ekho Moskvy, referring
to a representative of the Russian Ministry of
Defence reports that in the structure of armed
forces attached to the contingent of Russian
peacemakers in Georgia’s troubled areas there
are also two companies of the special-task battalions
Zapad (West) and Vostok (East), which are
constantly deployed in Russia’s Chechen Republic.
Radio notes that news agency ITAR-TASS has
confirmed this report. Zapad and Vostok battalions
are commanded by the Main Intelligence Directorate
(abbreviation: GRU) of the Russian General Staff.
The Vostok and Zapad battalions, which are part
of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division that is permanently
deployed in Chechnya, have been in charge of operations
in the eastern and western parts of the republic,
respectively. In June, Leutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov,
head of the Russian Armed Forces combat training
directorate said the battalions “perform tasks not
only in the framework of the Joint Group of Forces
in the North Caucasus, but also peacekeeping tasks
in South Ossetia and Abkhazia." Russian military
inspectors have been dealing with the Vostok battalion
cases possess data on about involvement of special-task
servicemen in a number of kidnappings and subsequent
brutal murders in Chechnya. Vostok battalion troops
conducted a ‘special military operation’ in the
Borozdinovskaya village in the summer of 2005.
Four houses were burnt down, 11 people disappeared
and a 77-year-old man died as a result of the operation.
Vostok battalion was formed on the basis of the special
platoon of the Chechen military commandant.
The Vostok battalion and its Zapad counterpart were
established in 2003. They are affiliated with the Defense
Ministry's 42nd Motorized Rifle Division that is permanently
stationed in Chechnya, and are at the same time directly
subordinate to Russian military intelligence (GRU).