måndag, februari 18, 2008

Al Qaeda bränner fångar levande

En video som nyligen dök upp på
islamistiska hemsidor visar hur
Al-Qaeda bränner tre fångar levande
efter en kort"rättegång".
Ännu ett exempel på sharia-
lagstiftning ?
"And now that we have captured these
scums who committed this dreadful crime,
we will burn them with this fire,"
the Al Qaeda leader says in Arabic.
"The same fire which they committed
their crime with.
"And I swear by God almighty
that we will have no mercy
on them," he continues.
"Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar."
As he speaks, two of the insurgents
pour liquid on the blindfolded prisoners.
Then they push the bound men into
the pit, where they are engulfed in flames.