onsdag, november 09, 2011

Antisemitisk fackföreningsledare hotar judiska barn...

Det är han säkert inte ensam om.
Däremot är han förhoppningsvis ensam om
att avreagera sig genom att hota judiska
skolbarn till livet....
Efter Israels motstånd mot UNESCO:s tokeri
att göra den fiktiva staten "Palestina" till medlem
mailade Deckers den judiska tidningen Joods
Actueel :
"If this is the (Israeli) reaction, I would be
happy as union leader to bring the Jewish
schools in Antwerp in the news. I fear you
are going to scare".
Vad är det karlen säger ?
Om detta är den (israeliska) reaktionen, skulle jag
vara lycklig som facklig ledare att få de judiska
skolorna i Antwerpen i nyheterna.
Jag är rädd att du kommer att bli skrämd.
Kan man upfatta det som något
annat än ett direkt hot om fysiskt
våld mot de judiska skolbarnen ?
Chefredaktören kommenterar:
In his response, chief editor Michael Freilich said:
"This is yet another proof of the new anti-Zionist
antisemitism in which Jews over the world are
threatened and accused of actions on which they
have no control." 
He continued: "We have said many times but will
repeat it: Jews in our country are Belgians, Flemish.
They have no influence on the situation in the
Middle East.They do not go to the army, pay
no taxes and cannot vote. Yes, they have an
opinion about the conflict, and like everyone
else they are free to express an opinion about
anything and everything, whether the military
action in Libya, the euro crisis or the situation
in the Middle East. We live in a free country.
To blackmail people because of their views
or because of their religion is totally illegal."
"The reaction of Hugo Deckers is scandalous
and reflects very little respect for our
democratic values ​​and poor knowledge
about the difference between a religion
and a nationality," Freilich added.
Se även
European Jewish Press
Den kraftiga reaktionen på Deckers
hotelser, inte minst från medlemmar
i hans eget förbund, tvang honom till
en lam påtvingad "ursäkt".
Joods Actueel svarade på det mailet:
You must recognize that your parallel is
completely in error, that your vague threat
against a Jewish school is frankly
scandalous and is a misuse of your position
with OCED, and you have set a poor example as
an important functionary.
You hold Jews responsible and bring the
Middle East conflict to Belgium.
In your letter, you neglect these errors.
We are not looking for apologies or retractions.
Israel can withstand criticism as any democracy must.
We ask you to consider the consequences of your words.