onsdag, november 30, 2011

Hur OIC bekämpar yttrandefriheten över hela världen

Hudson Institute har precis publicerat
en exposé i New English Review över
hur de 57 (!) medlemsstaterna i 
Organization of Islamic Cooperation
systematiskt bekämpar all kritik mot
islamismen genom att inskränka yttrande-
Next to my desk is a framed autographed
lithograph of the Muhammad cartoon with
a bomb–shaped turban drawn by Kurt
Westergaard in 2005 and published along
with 11 others in the Danish newspaper
Jyllands-Posten. It was a gift for an interview 
I did with the feisty Westergaard when he was
in North America in the fall of 2009.
We had arranged an event for him in Manhattan.
Westergaard’s cartoon had spurred riots, massive
property damage to Danish Embassies and more
than 200 deaths across the Muslim Ummah in
2006. Many believe those riots were orchestrated
by the 57 member nation Organization of the Islamic
Conference (renamed the Organization of Islamic
Cooperation in June, 2011). Westergaard’s caricature
of a terrorist Muhammad caused the second great
arc of Islamic outrage over artistic license and
alleged blasphemy.
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