onsdag, oktober 06, 2010

Brittisk terrorchef dödad i Pakistan

En av de brittiska medborgare som dödades
av en amerikansk drone nyligen var Abdul
Jaffar, nyvald chef för The Islamic
Army of Great Britain, rapporterar
Daily Telegraph
Denna terrorgrupp har satts upp för att ko-
ordinera terrorattacker i Storbritannien,
Frankrike och Tyskland.
Jaffar valdes till chef vid ett stormöte för
över 300 terrorister i Pakistan.
The source said the new group was set
up to organise synchronised terrorist
attacks in the UK, France and Germany.
It was this intelligence that led to the
missile strike by a US unmanned aerial
drone on September 8 which killed Jabbar
and three others.
The suspects, who are also said to have

included a number of German nationals,
had been hiding in the tribal areas of
North Waziristan at the time.
An intelligence official told the Associated

Press news agency that Jabbar's brother
was conspiring with him to commit the
Europe terrorist atrocity.
The reports about Jabbar follow disclosure

that intelligence agencies in Europe,
Pakistan and the US intercepted a credible
Islamic plot to launch raids on European cities,
in a similar style to the attacks in Mumbai,
India, two years ago.