måndag, juli 12, 2010

Putins marionett bakom mord i Wien

Österrikiska regeringen avslöjar att
Tjetjeniens Moskvatillsatte diktator
islamisten Ramzan Kadyrov låg bakom
det uppmärksammade mordet på en
tjetjensk dissident i Wien i januari 2009,
berättar intelnews.org
A report by Austrian government officials has
found that the Moscow-appointed President of
Chechnya ordered the 2009 assassination in
Vienna of a Chechen dissident, who had been
given political asylum by Austrian authorities.
In 2009, Umar Israilov, who was once a body-
guard of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov,
alleged in Vienna and in the European Court
of Human Rights in Strasbourg that Kadyrov
had “personally participated in the torture of
detainees”. But on January 13, 2009, Israilov
was shot dead by two men in broad daylight
outside a grocery store located less than two
miles from Vienna’s historic city center.
Now the Vienna Office for the Protection of the
Constitution and Counterterrorism has said in
a detailed report that Israilov’s murder was
a political assassination ordered personally by
Chechen President Kadyrov, who is a close ally
of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The report, which was leaked to German news-
magazine Der Spiegel, claims that Kadyrov has
set up a private military intelligence army in Austria,
headed by a Chechen assassin using the name
“Otto Kaltenbrunner”.
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