söndag, augusti 16, 2009

Varför hatar de oss ??

Walid Phares på Counterterrorism Blog ställer den
helt berättigade frågan apropå de senaste händelserna
i Australien: VARFÖR HATAR DE OSS ??
Every time a liberal democracy was targeted by jihadi
terror; from 9/11, Madrid's trains, London's subways,
Holland's Van Gogh assassination, to all other terror-
related arrests in France, Belgium, Canada, Germany,
Italy, and Denmark, a similar question was repeated
senselessly: "Why do they hate us?"

Unfortunately in all of these Western societies, the

political debate about the root causes and future of

jihadi violence failed to answer this seminal question.

Furthermore, a stunningly compromised expertise

failed its governments by dragging authorities into

chronic misinterpretation of what is happening and

what to do about it. One more time, the experiment

is repeating itself in Australia.


Here is why:

As in the United States, the United Kingdom, France,

and other Western democracies, law enforcement

and counterterrorism agencies have been efficient in

monitoring the threat, swift in responding and lucky in

uprooting networks planning terror. With the exceptions

of the first strikes of 2001 in New York, 2004 in Madrid

and 2005 in London, police and security teams have

been able to stop the plots before they are executed;

knock on wood so far. But these law enforcement heroes

are operating under the aegis of questionable government

strategies, or rather non-strategies, with dramatic consequences.

The latest arrests made in Melbourne, Australia, are another



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