fredag, mars 28, 2008

Terrorister med Sverigekontakter gripna i Bosnien

Fem islamistiska terrorister har
gripits i Bosnien misstänkta för
att ha planerat attentat mot kyrkor
och internationell personal i landet.
De är en del i ett omfattande nätverk
över Västeuropa. Mirsad Bektasevic
(alias Maximus) och Abdulkadir Cesur
liksom Glostrup-ligan i Danmark för-
modas ingå i nätverket.
In the second major anti-terrorism
operation in Bosnia in three years,
Bosnian police have arrested five men
and seized anti-tank mines, laser sights,
electronic equipment, topographic
maps and bomb-making manuals.
The ongoing investigation shows
so far that the group involved
in the alleged plot is connected
with earlier terrorism-related arrests
in the country, and that the network
extends to Western European capitals.
Bosnia and Herzegovina's Federation
Anti-Terror Unit on 20 March arrested
five men:
Rijad Rustempasic, Muhamed Meco,
Abdulah Handzic and Edis Velic,
all in their early thirties and from
Sarajevo, along with Muhamed Ficer,
from the central Bosnian city of
Bugojno, who was released from custody
after questioning.
The four arrested in Sarajevo were
members of the local
Wahhabi movement
- the Saudi-based and financed order
following a strict interpretation of Islam.
Some of the suspects were already
well known to the police for their
radical activities. The group had
been under surveillance for several
months by the Federation Anti-Terror
Unit and the State Prosecutor's Office.
Federation Anti-Terror Unit
and the State Prosecutor's Office
have strong evidence that Rustempasic's
group was planning attacks on
Catholic Churches and international forces
within the country during the Easter holidays.
According to the authors' source
from the Federation police, who
are running the investigation,
the alleged leader of the group
is Rustempasic, who was born and
raised in Bugojno but moved to Sarajevo
four years ago.
On condition of anonymity,
the police source said
that Rustempasic was one of
the most notorious and most
violent Bosnian radical Muslim
they had so far investigated, and
that the suspect has managed to
evade prison thanks to the
tolerance of the local authorities
in Bugojno.