onsdag, mars 12, 2008

"Islamism är fascism !"

Den modige algeriske journalisten
Mohamed Sifaoui, numera i exil i
Frankrike, är fullständigt klar i
sin analys av islamismen:
I certainly am one of the first Muslims to consider Islamism to be fascism. This is not a subjective decision but rather a serious, academic argument. Fascism and Islamism are comparable in many aspects: Fascism, without evoking all its particularities, bears similarities to trends also present in Islamism. I am, of course, making a reference to their will to exterminate the Jews. On this point, the Islamists may go even further in their doctrine than the Nazis did, considering that the end of the world could only occur when there are no Jews left on earth. In the three monotheist religions, apocalypse, end of the world, and doomsday exist and are liturgical events invested with a high degree of spirituality. Hence, the Islamists interpret the end of the world in a very special way. Whereas it is written nowhere in the Qur'an, exegetes describe the end of the world as the day when even the trees and rocks will be able to talk and tell the Muslims: "Come here, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him." And this would go on, until there would not be any Jew left on earth. This ideology is pure fascism.
Detta är ett kort utdrag ur en
lång intervju med Sifaoui i
Det bör nämnas att det var
han som i exilen infiltrerade
en Al Qaeda-cell i Frankrike
och senare skrev en bok om
det islamistiska hotet
(Mes frères assassins:
Comment j'ai infiltré une
cellule d'Al-Qaïda;
Paris: Le Cherche-midi
Editeur, 2003)