torsdag, mars 02, 2006

Manifestet - en mäktig kraft

har en våldsam sprängkraft i sig.
På mindre än ett dygn har det spridits och publicerats över
hela världen. Bloggaren Blue Star Chronicles har försökt lista
alla bloggar som stöder manifestet:
Stop the ACLU; Michelle Malkin; Agora; Atlas Shrugs; The Median Sib; Bloggin Outloud; Basil's Blog; Freedom Watch; Third World County; The Liberal Wrong Wing; Adam's Blog; Those Bastards; Common Folk Using Common Sense; Dr. Sanity; Bacon Bits; Instapundit; Tongues of Angels; Myopic Thoughts; A Tic in the Mind's Eye; Junk Yard Blog; Captain's Quarters; Little Green Footballs; A Blog for All; Small Town Veteran; Strong as an Ox and Nearly as Smart; Stuck on Stupid; Elder of Ziyon; The Volokh Conspiracy; Freie Gedanken; The Belmont Club; FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog; House of the Dog; GM's Corner; Protein Wisdom; Wizbang; Woman Honor Thyself; Vince Aut Morire ; The Bodie Spector; Merri Musings; The Dread Pundit Bluto; The Political Pit Bull; Slapstick Politics; Freedom Zone; The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller; The Jawa Report; The End Zone; Big Dog's Weblog; PBS Watch; Tim Blair; No Pasaran; Eureka Iron Works; Eurabian News; The Stockholm Spectator; Johan Norberg; Snouck Hurgronje; The Anti-Corn Law League; Kim Priestap; Henessy’s View; The End Zone; Bobalonius; Ebenezer; Bill Milan; Pekin Prattles; Life Through My Eyes; Free Frank Warner; Dr. Melissa Coulthier; The Squiggler. Body Parts. Caribpundit; E-nough; Deep Keel; Fish Taco Stand; Bob The Nominal Pirate; Jihad I Malmö; Grabbag;; Aquarius; ExTrEmE_bLoG; Polemiken; Sneakeasy’s Joint; The Other Club. Dansk-Svensk; Confederate Yankee;; The Missing Link; Commoner Sense; Six Days; The Astute Blogger; James D Hudnall; Harry’s Place; All Things Beautiful; Rantburg. Sock Puppet of Doom; History News Network; Mensa Barbie; Tundra Tabloid; Out on a Limb at Mike; Jeff Weintraub; Snarking Dawg; Musing of the Geek with a .45; Tel-Chai Nation; Outside the Beltway; Ace of Spades; Literal Barrage; Davids Mediankritik; Don Singleton; David Boyd; Canadian Sentinel; Scipio the Metalcon; Sensible Mom; Simi Valley Sophist; Super Fun Power Hour; Tipping Points; bRight & Early; NIF; Is It Just Me?; A Lady's Ruminations; Searchlight Crusade; Radaractive; Sister Toldjah; Loma Alta; My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Classical Values; Red Hot Cuppa Politics; Politically Incorrect; Say Anything Blog; Palmetto Pundit; D. C. Thornton; Steel Deal; My Fleeting Thoughts; Crossing the Rubicon2; Somewhere on A1A; Meyrl Yourish; Freedom's Truth and Liberating Iraq; I Am Therefore I Think; UrbanGrounds; California Patriot; Thoughts by Seawitch; Everyman Chronicles; joel rosenberg; Deborah Gyapong; Lobal Warming; Laurence Jarvik Online; The Retread Ranger Station; And Rightly So; Noola Beulah; Virtually Shocking; Bloggledy Gook; Drinking from Home; TMan from Tennessee; The Uncooperative Blogger
Some excellent thought provoking analysis of the Manifesto, flaws and all:
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