söndag, mars 26, 2006

Skrämmande statistik från Storbritannien

Iceviking har botaniserat i brittiska opinions-
Det han upptäckte var inte särskilt upplyftande....

Another poll of British Muslims
Dhimmi Watch, March 14, 2004:
"And almost half said they might consider becoming a suicide
bomber if they lived as a Palestinian."
"More than one in 10 British Muslims back al Qaida-style
terror strikes on the United States, a poll has revealed."

"In the run up to the anniversary of war in Iraq, more
condemned the recent Gulf conflict than attacks on America."
"An overwhelming 80% say Britain and the US should not
have launched the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.
That is significantly higher than the 73% opposed to
terrorist strikes on the US, according to the ICM survey
for The Guardian.
Attacks on the US by al Qaida or other
groups were viewed as justified by 13% of the 500 British
Muslims questioned.Another 15% said they did not know
whether the such attacks are wrong or right.
Far fewer, 10%, said Prime Minister Tony Blair and US
President George Bush were right to go to war.Liberal
Democrat MP Jenny Tonge provoked fury when she said
that despite condemning violence living as a Palestinian
could have driven her to become a suicide bomber.However,
47% of Muslims agreed compared with just 15% of all of
those questioned. . . .
One of Britain’s most radical Muslim leaders said he believed
the majority of Muslims in the UK supported al Qaida-style
error attacks on the United States.Sheikh Omar Bakri
Muhammad, who heads the London-based group Al-Muhajiroun,
said British Muslims were afraid to voice their real feelings about
the coalition war in Iraq.And he claimed that far more
were pro-Osama bin Laden than really admitted
I am sure the real figure who support al Qaida is much higher
than one in 10.
“Since the introduction of the new anti-terrorism laws,
Muslims are terrified to speak their minds.“
I believe it is the majority of Muslims in the West who
support al Qaida. This is beyond doubt.

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