onsdag, september 02, 2009

Stor Mossadframgång mot Hizballah

Nyhetsbrevet Debka File avslöjar Mossads kanske största
framgång på årtionden i kampen mot islamismen. Hela
Libanons internetväxel på berget Barukh har varit kopplad
till Haifa i Israel. Regering, försvar, polis, Hizballah och FN
har fått allt IT-samband övervakat av Mossad….
Samtidigt avslöjades också det nära samarbetet på underrättelse-
området mellan Hizballah och Putins KGB.
A large Lebanese army force which raided the Lebanese
Internet network center on Mt. Barukh east of the
Lebanese town of Jezzine Saturday, Aug. 8 was dismayed
to discover the exchange center which carries all of
Lebanon's Internet links using equipment made in Israel.
An intelligence sweep found the servers were routed to an
exchange center in Haifa.
The soldiers impounded piles of equipment and rounded
up several detainees at the mountain center and several
Lebanese Internet companies.
Upon learning of the discovery, Hizballah demanded an
immediate and thorough investigation of how all of Israeli
intelligence acquired free access to all Lebanese internet
communications like an open book.
In recent months, Lebanon has seen one suspected Israeli
spy network after another exposed across the country.
Wednesday, Aug. 5, DEBKAfile first disclosed that the spy
rings were not busted by Lebanese intelligence but by
agents of the Russian Federal Security Service - FSB working
undercover in Lebanon since early this year at the invitation
of the Lebanese Shiite Hizballlah.
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Russian agents may also have led the Lebanese army to their
discovery of the Israeli data center on Mt. Barukh.
Hizballah now claims that among the users of the clandestine
network were the presidential palace, the defense department
and select security and financial institutions in Beirut. Senior
Hizballah officials and the UN peacekeepers HQ were also
offered the cut-rate service. If this information is correct,
Israeli intelligence was able to tap into the most sensitive
Internet correspondence from the highest Lebanese official