onsdag, februari 25, 2009

Antologi avslöjar antisemitismen i Norden

Den islamistiska mobbens angrepp mot Israelvänner och poliser, liksom Ilmar Reepalus hatfyllda tirader mot Israel kommer inte
ur ett politiskt och kulturellt vaccum....

Det finns en dold, men livaktig antisemitism i de nordiska länderna. Sprungen ur islamism, marxism och perverterad "kristen" ersättningsteologi har den just nu en glansperiod och sprider sitt gift långt utanför de traditionella kretsarna.

Manfred Gerstenfeld har samlat artiklar och rapporter som sällan kommer fram i medierna.

Nyttig läsning inte minst i och om Malmö.

In recent years the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has published several articles about the Nordic countries, Jews, and Israel in both the Jewish Political Studies Review and Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism.
Gradually a picture has emerged of these countries that differs greatly from the often superficial friendliness the visiting tourist experiences, or the impressions one gains abroad from the few usually positive articles in international media. Little is known about the multiple negative events in the Nordic countries regarding Israel and the Jews.

The Jerusalem Center’s collaboration with the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies has made it possible to group and update in this volume several earlier articles and interviews and to complement them with additional essays. This volume aims to provide a more strategic picture of the Nordic countries’ attitudes toward Israel and the Jews than is available elsewhere in English.
Our research clarifies that in recent years part of the societal elites, particularly in Sweden and Norway, have been responsible for many pioneering efforts to demonize Israel. Prominent among the perpetrators are leading socialist and other leftist politicians, journalists, clergy, and employees of NGOs. This demonization is based on the classic motifs of anti-Semitism, which often also accompany its new mutation of anti-Israelism.

Behind the Nordic countries’ righteous appearance and oft-proclaimed concern for human rights often lurk darker attitudes. This volume’s main purpose is to lift their humanitarian mask as far as Israel and Jews are concerned. This disguise hides many ugly characteristics, including the financing of demonizers of Israel, a false morality, invented moral superiority, and “humanitarian racism.”