onsdag, februari 11, 2009

Antisemitismen i Europa - still going strong

årliga opinionsundersökning om anti-
semitismens utbredning i Europa.
Nu är det sju nya länder som undersökts.
Resultatet är tyvärr lika beklämmande
som vanligt.....
The findings released by the Anti-Defamation
League (ADL) today revealed that nearly half
of the Europeans surveyed believe Jews are
not loyal to their country and more than one-
third believe they have "too much power"
in business and finance.
Attitudes Toward Jews in Seven European
Countries (.pdf) an opinion survey of 3,500
adults – 500 in each of the seven European
countries – Austria, France, Hungary, Poland,
Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom –
conducted December 1, 2008 – January 13,
2009, found 31% of the respondents across
Europe blame Jews in the financial industry
for the current global economic crisis.
Overall, 40% of Europeans in the countries
polled believe that Jews have too much
power in the business world, with more than
half of Hungarian, Spanish and Polish
respondents agreeing with that statement.
The findings were similar to those of a 2007
ADL survey that found significant percentages
of Europeans continue to believe in some of
the most pernicious anti-Semitic stereotypes.
Ett litet utdrag att begrunda.
Hur många i respektive land
instämmer i dessa fyra
traditionella antisemitiska stereotyper ?
1) Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country.
2) Jews have too much power in the business world.
3) Jews have too much power in international
financial markets.
4) Jews still talk too much about what happened to
them in the Holocaust
Storbritannien 10 %
Frankrike 20 %
Tyskland 20 %
Österrike 30 %
Ungern 47 %
Spanien 48 %
Polen 48 %
D, D, D, D, SDS, HD