tisdag, december 19, 2006

Ayaans varningsord

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
skriver idag i Los Angeles Times om
mullornas konferens om (eller snarare för)
Förintelsen i Tehran.
Hon berättar om hur hon själv först i
vuxen ålder på en kurs i samhällskunskap
i Holland fick lära sig något om Förintelsen.
Hon reagerade kraftigt, både över den
monstruösa förbrytelsen i sig och över att
man aldrig nämnt ett ord om den i Somalia.
När hon träffade sin halvsyster, som
aldrig fått någon annan utbildning är
koranskola berättade hon om Förintelsen:
-" What she said was as awful as the
information in my book.
With great conviction, my half-sister cried:
"It's a lie! Jews have a way of blinding people.
They were not killed, gassed or massacred.
But I pray to Allah that one day all the Jews
in the world will be destroyed."
Ayaan fortsätter:
"What's striking about Ahmadinejad's
conference is the (silent) acquiescence
of mainstream Muslims.
I cannot help but wonder:
Why is there no counter-conference
in Riyadh, Cairo, Lahore, Khartoum
or Jakarta condemning Ahmadinejad?
Why are the 57 members of the
Organization of the Islamic
Conference silent on this?
Could the answer be as simple
as it is horrifying:
For generations, the leaders of these
so-called Muslim countries have
been spoon-feeding their populations
a constant diet of propaganda similar
to the one that generations of
Germans (and other Europeans)
were fed that Jews are vermin
and should be dealt with as such?
In Europe, the logical conclusion was
the Holocaust.
If Ahmadinejad has his way, he
shall not want for compliant Muslims
ready to act on his wish.
The world needs to be informed
again and again about the
— not only in the interest of
the Jews who survived and
their offspring but in the
interest of humanity."