måndag, december 18, 2006

Al-Qaeda på Holmenkollen ?

Newsweek har spårat ett av Al-Qaedas
träningsläger för västerlänningar. Det
ligger i det totalt laglösa Waziristan i
En av deras källor är en tidigare talibansk
underrättelseofficer som berättar:
"He says he spent roughly five weeks
this past year helping to indoctrinate and
train a class of foreign recruits near the
Afghan border in tribal Waziristan,
and among his students were the
English brothers.
The 12 included two Norwegian Muslims
and an Australian, along with nine British
subjects, says Farooqi.
Their mission, Farooqi told NEWSWEEK,
will be to act as underground organizers
and operatives for Al Qaeda in their home
countries—and their yearlong training course
is just about finished."

Beklagar, Norge....