måndag, december 18, 2006

Spanien kartlägger islamistiska nätverk

"Two recent counter-terrorism developments
in Spain highlight how Spanish officials
are trying to confront the threat posed by
Islamist terrorism.
In the first incident, the attorney general
attached to the Spanish Federal Court
announced in mid-November that the
court is seeking prison sentences
totaling 270,885 years
for the 29 Islamists involved in the
March 11, 2003 (known as 11-M) terrorist attacks
in Madrid, whose trials begin in February 2007.
As part of the proceedings against the accused,
the attorney general released a 2003 document
prepared by Spain's intelligence agency,
the Centro Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI),
that had warned of Islamist terrorist attacks in Spain.
The second development concerns the
Spanish National Police's arrest of four North
African Muslims for their involvement in
providing material support for an
"Islamist terrorist organization,"
namely al-Qaeda."
(OBS ! 1.471 sidor på spanska,
Bläddra med pilen i höger hörn)