fredag, februari 01, 2013

Självmordsbombare dödade ambassadvakter

En självmordsbombare dödade idag två
vakter vid amerikanska ambassaden i
Ankara. Bomben exploderade inne i den
s k checkpointen, som alla besökare
måste passera. Enligt uppgift ska själv-
mordsbombaren ha gripits av panik och
försökt ta av bombbältet när larmbågen
började tjuta.
Då small bomben.

"“The explosion happened inside the
American Embassy,” Mr. Yuksel told
reporters in televised remarks, standing
with the ambassador, Francis J.
Ricciardone, in front of the building.
The bomber was believed to have panicked
and detonated an explosive belt while going
through security controls at the entrance to
the embassy, according to news reports
citing preliminary investigations by security
The motives of the attacker have yet to be
confirmed. But claims in social media outlets
said the explosion could have been linked
with the arrest of Osama Bin Laden’s son-
in-law in a security operation in Ankara,
an event that was reported in Milliyet news-
paper on Friday."