måndag, februari 18, 2013

Imam: Kristna kvinnor på Tahrirtorget är inte förbjudna att våldta

Ur en predikan av imam Abu Islam, 
som sändes på  Al-Omma TV den 7 februari 2013.
Inspelat av det eminenta MEMRI-institutet.

Ger en intressant inblick i Muslimska
 Brödraskapets kvinnosyn...

Abu Islam: They say that [harming] women is taboo.
The naked, unveiled women who go [to Tahrir Square]
in order to get raped – all of a sudden, they are
considered taboo...
Then they call for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood
to resign. By the way, 90% of them are Crusader
women, and the other 10% are Freemasons and
widows who are fearless and out of control.
These women talk like ghouls (Ghoul är en varelse
ur arabisk folklore som håller till på gravplatser, plundrar
gravar och äter lik )
They have no shame, no manners, no fear and
not a shred of femininity. Be feminine, woman!
You have a religious obligation to be a woman.
But you see these women with disheveled hair,
like a devil!
These are devils in the form of women.
You should learn from Muslim women.
Ännu en kvinnlig europeisk journalist våldtagen