tisdag, september 04, 2012

Antisemitisk pjäs stoppad

Budapests borgmästare förbjöd i veckan
kistan" på Nya Teatern.
Den var ett historiespel om hur en mystisk
judisk konspiration motarbetade Ungern efter
Första Världskriget.
Landets intellektuella har protesterat häftigt
mot den ökände antisemiten Csurkas pjäs.
Borgmästaren kunde stoppa tillställningen
då den sätts upp på en kommunfinansierad
“Curska’s play, he said, was set in the 1920s,
before the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian
“Some American bankers with suspiciously
German-sounding names,” he said, “decide
to instruct the American President Woodrow
Wilson – who is of course under their control
– to punish Hungary severely in the upcoming
peace negotiations.”
He says that the bankers admit that this
punishment is cruel, but “necessary if the
secret society of capitalists is to gain control
over the whole world.”

The play promotes the line often used by
anti-Semites, that America is controlled
by the “Jewish lobby.”
It also adds an element of malice to this
argument, suggesting not only that
the Jewish people are greedy, but also
that they would knowingly harm others if it
were to their benefit.
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