måndag, januari 16, 2012

Ytterligare två terrorister med svenska pass i Thailand

Israeliska medier spär på med mera
information efter gripandet av terroristen
1. Atris efterspanade två medhjälpare
2. En av dem heter Naim Haris och finns
på säkerhetstjänstens "fem-i-topp"-lista
över Hizballahs terrorister.
For the first time in Israel’s 63-year old battle against
terror, its external security agency Mossad Thursday
night, April 21, issued a strong warning to travelling
Israelis to beware of a major terrorist attack which
Hizballah had already set in motion at some un-
disclosed location. The only information attached
to the warning was that Hizballah had consigned a
high-profile team for an operation to avenge the
slaying of its top commander Imad Mughniyeh three
years ago for which it blames Israel.…
The five top Hizballah terrorist operatives named are:
Talal Hamiyah, head of Hizballah’s External Security
Organization – ESO. Deputy of the late Moughniyeh
for many years, Hamiyah stepped into the slain terror-
master’s shoes as commander of overseas operations.
Hizballah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah has
entrusted him with avenging the death of his late boss.
Ahmed Al-Fayd, Hamiyah’s operations officer and right hand.
Najem a-Din, Hizballah’s bomb expert.
Naim Haris. In the guise of a Lebanese businessman,
he is responsible for recruiting collaborators in different
countries for Hizballah’s overseas hits.
Mehmet Taharawrlu, a Turkish national who recruits
local talent to assist in Hizballah attacks in Turkey.