måndag, maj 10, 2010

Ännu en tysk jihadist skjuten

Jihad Watch kan meddela att ännu en
tysk jihadist och konvertit har bitit i gräset.
Denna gång var det en 21-årig berlinare
vid namn Danny R. Han dog samtidigt
med Eric Breininger i Hindukush.
Vid samma tillfälle ska även en tyskfödd
turk från Hannover, Ahmet M, ha stupat
för pakistanska polisens kulor.
Security authorities in Germany believe
that another member of a group of German
Islamist insurgents in Pakistan has been killed.
Officials wonder whether the deaths will be a
deterrent for copycats or whether it will inspire
others to sign up for jihad.


A second homegrown Islamist from Germany

appears to have been killed in fighting in

Pakistan, SPIEGEL has reported. Danny R., a

21-year-old from Berlin, first traveled to

Pakistan via Istanbul on Sept. 2, 2009

together with another Islamist.

There, he joined a group of insurgents in the

porous border region between Pakistan and

Afghanistan that has been a hotbed of

Taliban and terrorist activity.


German security officials have obtained

nformation suggesting that the man was

killed several days ago in Waziristan. The

news comes just days after word of the

death of Eric Breininger, a German-born

convert to Islam who had been wanted by

German police on suspicion of belonging to

a terrorist cell.


Danny R., who would have turned 22 on May 1,

was born in Berlin but had Dutch citizenship.

He renamed himself "Elias" after his conversion

to Islam and belonged to a group of radical

Muslims in Berlin who claimed they wanted

to wage jihad, according to officials.


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