måndag, maj 10, 2010

Vi publicerar tyske jihadistens memoarer

I lördags kunde vi avslöja att den ökände
Breininger (alias Abdul Gaffar Almani)
områdena på gränsen mellan Afghanistan
och Pakistan.
Idag kan vi publicera Breiningers memoarer
"Mein Weg nach Jannah" (Min väg till
paradiset), där den tyske 22-åringen berättar
om hur han omvändes till islam och bestämde
sig för att gå ut i jihad i Afghanistan.
It is a document from the heart of the jihad:
Eric Breininger, a German homegrown terrorist
recently killed in Pakistan, worked on his memoirs
until just days before his death. On Wednesday,
the document was posted on the Internet.

“So much is written and said about me, with

my given name Eric Breininger. The Internet

and the media are full of it, but most of it is

made up and lies.”


So begin the memoirs of Eric Breininger, the

German jihadist who was killed by Pakistani

soldiers in the border region of Waziristan

at the end of April. His autobiography was

posted on the Internet on Wednesday.

Right from the first pages, it seems as

though Breininger, who went by the name

Abdul Gaffar Almani, knew that death

was near.

“Even as this work is being composed, I am

not sure that it will ever be completed, as

we find ourselves at war.”

The appendix, written by a comrade, makes

it clear that Breininger worked on his memoirs

until just a few days prior to his death.


Breininger called his memoirs

“My Path to Jennah,”
using the Arabic word for “paradise.”
And it is an impressive document, offering a
detailed look into militant jihadism. It is an

account of the day-to-day life of radical Islamists

fighting in the Hindu Kush and an intimate

look at the thoughts of a radical who is

certain he is in the right.


Breininger was an associate of the so-called

Sauerland Cell, a group of German radicals

who plotted to bomb US targets in Germany

in 2007. Confessions from that group have

provided an excellent source for insights into

German jihadists fighting in the border

regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Breininger’s autobiography sheds even more

light on their activities and thoughts.


Ladda ned Breiningers memoarer

(108 sid .pdf, på tyska)


Der Spiegel