måndag, november 03, 2008

Allians islamister-marxister-knarkkarteller ?

Terrorism Focus avslöjar Al Qaedas försök
att skapa en ny allians i Latinamerika mellan
islamister, marxister och de stora knark-
kartellerna. Den gemensamma fienden:
Naturligtvis USA.....
U.S. officials have warned of a real danger
Islamist extremists could form alliances with
wealthy and powerful Latin American drug
lords to launch new terrorist attacks against
the United States. According to recent remarks
made by Under Secretary of Intelligence and
Analysis in the U.S. Department of Homeland
Security, Charles Allen, at a two-day conference
hosted by SOUTHCOM and the Armed Forces
Communications and Electronics Association
“The threat of ties between criminal and drug
smuggling networks and Islamic terrorism may
be less pressing than in the Near East, but the
threats in this hemisphere are genuine, insidious,
and not always limited to recruiting and finance.”