torsdag, maj 22, 2008

Visst går terrorns trådar till Hizb ut-Tahrir !

Det är en omhuldad myt att Hizb ut-Tahrir
(HuT) är något slags ”fredliga islamister”.
”Islamologer” och andra överslätare säger:
- Visst har de ofta ett grovt språkbruk,
visst mordhotar de politiker och judar, visst
är de antisemiter, men de är aldrig inblandade
i terrorism.
Det är en ren lögn, visar
Lorenzo Vidino på Counter-
Terrorism Blog.
Det löper många trådar mellan HuT
och rena terrornätverk.


Säkerhetstjänsterna i Europa betraktar idag HuT som
“an organization operating at a “double level,” where
the political wing operates under the sun and the
military wing operates secretly, not differently from
groups such as ETA or the IRA.”


"Experts and government officials have
long debated the real nature of Hizb ut-Tahrir
(HT). Formed in 1953 in Jerusalem, the group
has now established a presence in virtually
all continents. It defines itself as a “political
party whose ideology is Islam” and openly
seeks the restoration of the Caliphate as its
main goal. The debate has always been on
whether HT is a movement that simply
aims at peacefully propagating its message,
a "conveyor belt" for extremism, or a group
directly employing violence.
In many Muslim countries, particularly in
Central Asia (see this report from the Uzbek
government, for example) and the Middle
East, the group is banned and authorities
accuse it of direct links to acts of terror.
HT members, on the other hand, have
constantly denied their involvement in
any violent act.
“We consider that Islamic law forbids
violence or armed struggle against the
regime as a method to re-establish
the Islamic State,” states the website
of HT’s British branch (one of its largest)".