torsdag, augusti 30, 2007

Who Are We, Who Are Our Enemies

Fjordman publicerar ännu en
viktig artikel i Global Politican:
"The Jihad, the Islamic so-called Holy War, has
been a fact of life in Europe, Asia, Africa and the
Near and Middle East for more than 1300 years, but
this is the first history of the Muslim wars in Europe
ever to be published. Hundreds of books, however,
have appeared on its Christian counterpart, the
Crusades, to which the Jihad is often compared,
although they lasted less than two hundred
years and unlike the Jihad, which is universal,
were largely but not completely confined
to the Holy Land.
Moreover, the Crusades have been
over for more than 700 years,
while a Jihad is still
going on in the world.
The Jihad has been the most unrecorded
and disregarded major event of history.
It has, in fact, been largely ignored.
For instance, the Encyclopedia Britannica gives the
Crusades eighty times more space than the Jihad."