onsdag, augusti 22, 2007


fortsätter sin stadiga tillväxt i
Köpenhamn, men lyckas inte riktigt
få fotfäste på svenska sidan.

Internationellt satsar man mer och
mer på ungdomsinriktade rekryterings-
metoder:egna hip-hop band, filmbolag,
jihadkläder, armband med självlysande budskap.....

(Hudson Institute)

(Terrorism Monitor)
se HuT-produkter:
"The Tactic Works
The best measure of an effective propaganda campaign is
the impact it has on its target audience.
With young people creating blogs and personal
Web pages, and communicating with each other on
chat boards, it is easier than ever to see which trends
and concepts resonate with the targets of HTUS’s
propaganda campaigns. HTUS’s objective is to
make HT ideology appear "cool." Based on the response
to its products and front organizations,
HTUS has successfully achieved its objectives."