torsdag, december 29, 2011

Stjärnkampanjen mot antisemitismen i Malmö

Med anledning av den galopperande
startat "Stjärnkampanjen" på Facebook.
Kampanjen presenterar sig så här:
Hate crimes against Swedish Jews are appallingly common.
In Malmö, the orthodox rabbi has been assaulted numerous
times. Synagogues and even Jewish kindergartens have
bulletproof windows and other security devices.
Parents advise their children not to tell friends that they are
Jewish and not to wear Jewish symbols in public.
To affirm their rights as citizens and reclaim the streets, a
small group of Jews in Malmö have started going for regular
walks wearing stars of David. But, as one of them says,
after they split up they need to hide their symbols.
Their effort and the fact that Jews going for a walk in their
hometown are called ”demonstrators” inspired us to initiate
the Star Campaign.
Taking part in the campaign means wearing a star of David
on one’s scarf, hat, coat or wherever people can easily spot
it. We – non-Jews and Jews – do this in solidarity with
vulnerable Jewish minorities in Europe, as well as with other
minorities who are under attack because of their ethnic,
religious or sexual identities.
We believe that if many people join the campaign it will work
like this: Let’s say that almost all the children in school wear
green pants and the child with blue pants is bullied. If some
of the other children start wearing blue pants, the bullied child
will feel more secure and the group dynamics that drive children
to join the bullies will lose momentum.
The Star Campaign is not just another pin campaign.
It goes beyond displaying nice words on a pin or a t-shirt.
Wearing the star of David means actually putting oneself into
the shoes of the Other. It means taking action for a tolerant, or
preferably a respectful society. In some parts of today’s Europe
it even means taking risks.
We hope that politicians, teachers and others who are involved
in fighting intolerance will join us and help delveloping the project.
We also hope that The Star Campaign will spread to other countries
where it is needed.
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