måndag, januari 21, 2013

Kanadensisk jihadist ledde attacken

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In this image made from video, individuals believed to be hostages kneel in the sand with their hands in the air at an unknown location in Algeria.
Algeriets premiärminister meddelade idag
att två kanadensiska jihadister deltog
i attacken mot naturgasfältet  In Aminas.
Den ene ska ha koordinerat angreppet.
Enligt poliskällor dödades båda
kanadensarna av säkerhetsstyrkorna.
Premiärministern kunde ännu inte bekräfta
uppgifterna att flera fransmän och en
skandinav deltagit i dådet.
Le Parisien har dock fått bekräftat av
polisen att minst en fransk jihadist dödats.
One-eyed fugitive: Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an Algerian who fought against Soviet forces in Afghanistan in the 1980s, has reportedly claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of up to 41 foreigners at an Algerian gas field
"Algeria's prime minister says two Canadian nationals
were among the Islamist fighters in last week's hostage-
taking at a remote gas plant last week, and that 37
foreign hostages and 29 militants died, in an incident
that has seen changing numbers and profiles of those
Abdelmalek Sellal did not say Monday whether the
Canadians were among the 29 militants killed by
Algerian forces that stormed the site, or the three
who were captured alive.
At least 37 hostages died in the attack, with five
more unaccounted for, according to Algeria.
The militants had said during the four-day stand-
off that their band included people from Canada.
Reuters has reported that Sellal said a Canadian
co-ordinated the attack.
The kidnappers came from Egypt, Canada, Mali,
Niger, Mauritania and Tunisia, the prime minister