söndag, april 15, 2012

Irans terrorceller laddar upp

Irans terrorceller i Europa och USA,
men också i Asien och Mellanöstern,
laddar upp för stora angrepp mot väster-
ländska intressen. Det avslöjar den tidigare
CIA-agenten Reza Kahlili, som nu utbildar
säkerhetspersonal på Joint Counterintelligence
Training Academy.
finns utplacerade över hela världen.
De avvaktar nu mullornas beslut att
angripa Västerlandet.
När angreppsordern kommer är deras
främsta mål västerländska energiresurser
(el-, gas- och olja). Det sekundära: terror mot
befolkningsknutpunkter, som t ex transport-
centra, för att orsaka maximalt kaos och
slutligen en mordvåg mot politiker och höga
tjänstemän som anses fientliga till islamismen.
Agenterna arbetar bl a från iranska ambassader
och nätverket av iranska Imam Alicentra och
The source says these cells are divided into two groups:
one is operational and awaits the order to attack; the
other gathers information, monitoring such sensitive
sites as power plants, water and food distribution,
refineries, railroads and others along with information
on officials of the host countries and their activities.
This information, transferred to Iran, is being used by the
Quds Force command in Tehran “to select targets for
maximum effect.”
In testimony before a U.S. House panel in March, the
director of the New York Police Department’s intelligence
analysis unit, Mitchell Silber, revealed that the Iranian
diplomats had carried out “hostile econnaissance” of sites
in New York as many as six times, alarming police officials
that the city might be targeted for terrorist attack. 
If Iran is attacked by America or if America supports
Israel in an attack, then these assets are to retaliate.
However, the source says, their actions will be sequential
unless the attack goes beyond the nuclear sites with the
aim of overthrowing the Islamic regime, in which case
 there is to be an all-out response.
The source indicates an all-out response will include
attacks on other countries in the region, such as Saudi
Arabia and Bahrain, after Israel has been targeted by
hundreds, if not thousands, of missiles.
The most ominous message from the source is
that an all-out response will not be based on a
defense doctrine but rather on the belief that
total chaos will hasten the return of last
Islamic messiah for the final defeat of the
It believes that the coming will take place
from the city of Qum in Iran.