fredag, februari 04, 2011

Egypten: Kristna och judar förvandlades till dhimmis.....

På Wikipedias sida om Egyptens moderna

historia berättas om tiden efter de ”Fria

Officerarnas” statskupp mot monarkin,

som ledde fram till Nassers socialistiska


Tänkvärt i dessa kaotiska dagar i Egypten…


Having excluded whites and Jews of being

Egyptian, placed the indigenous Coptic

community under partial Dhimmini status,

having ethnically cleansed Egypt of its

European and Jewish residents, and

having seized their real property, on

7 June 1956 the remaining corporations

which had any European, Jewish, or

Christian influence had their assets

seized under a law which promulgated

for the "Egyptianisation" of foreign

companies and joint ventures.

None of these who had their property

stolen by the RCC or had suffered

assaults, robberies, rapes, or murder

under the tumultuous revolution were

given compensation for their losses.