måndag, december 06, 2010

UK :"Vi släppte in många tokstollar - och vaknade för sent"

Nuvarande brittiske premiärministern Cameron
i ett samtal med amerikanska diplomater 2009:

Holbrooke pressed Cameron to help combat

terrorism by capitalising on the "striking

connections" between the large Pakistani

community in the UK and "its home country".


"Cameron noted that most of the approximately

1 million UK citizens of Pakistani origin (mostly

Punjabis and Kashmiris) living in the UK were

not pro-Taliban but had been radicalised by the

Iraq war and were militant over Kashmir.

The Conservative party leader agreed that HMG

(=regeringen) 'must get UK-Pakistan relations

right' and stressed the Conservatives' commitment

to this goal should they assume power."


Cameron went on to criticise Labour's dealing

with groups such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir and the

Muslim Council of Britain.

"On the radicalisation of British Pakistanis,

Cameron said the UK had 'gotten it wrong

domestically' … He argued that PM [Gordon]

Brown's policy had been too willing to engage

with radicalised but non-violent Muslim groups …

'We let in some crazies,' Cameron said, 'and

didn't wake up soon enough.'"


Hela rapporten finns i Wikileaks guldgruva