måndag, januari 04, 2010

Varför hamnar ZAKAT hos terroristerna ?

Zakat, den religiösa skatten på minst 2,5 % av
inkomsten, som alla troende muslimer ska betala,
används till många egendomliga ändamål, berättar
Nu har Organization of the Islamic Conference
(OIC), som organiserar 57 muslimska stater,
skapat ett nytt organ International Zakat
Organisation (IZO). Detta ska propagera för
mera frikostigt givande och ge råd om lämpliga
I en programskrift What is Zakat ? berättar IZO
bl a “For the cause of Allah (Fisabillillah): Zakah
can be used to finance any form of struggle
or work for the love of Allah. The following
examples fall under this category, e.g. Da'wah;
building & developing society's infrastructure;
defending Muslims, who are being
oppressed; assisting poor travellers and
sponsoring a student's educational expenses.”
" While many of the examples listed above are
largely unobjectionable, two phrases stand out
as deeply alarming when placed against the
OIC’s track record, particularly the statement
that Zakat may be used for “any form of struggle.”
Irrespective of religious debates as to the meaning
of ‘struggle’, when is utilized by the OIC, the term
‘struggle’ has a particular usage, as exemplified
which states that “It is the duty of all States and
peoples to support the struggle of colonized peoples
for the liquidation of all forms of colonialism and
Ur en kommentar till artikeln:
The OIC is paraphrasing the Koran itself,
which says that zakat shall be used, among the
other reasons stated above, “for the cause of
Allah” (9:60) which means holy war.
Not only is zakat for jihad justified by the Koran
and by the the OIC, but zakat is probably
the primary source of jihadist revenue in the
world today. Supna Zaidi is exactly right to bring
up the Holy Land Foundation scandal, but it should
also be noted that the 9/11 Commission found that
Al Qaeda funds were “raised almost entirely through
donations, i e zakat. If anything, examples of terrorism
fueled by zakat (like the ones listed at MoneyJihad
have increased since 9/11.