onsdag, januari 02, 2008

"Den islamistiska pyramiden"

Lorenzo Vidino, ledande expert på islamismen i Europa,
beskriver i en ny artikel hotet som en pyramid, där
terrorismen är den mest synliga, men inte nödvändigtvis
den farligaste, delen...
After the 2004 Madrid bombings, the 2005 London
attacks, and the myriad terrorist plots thwarted over
the last few years, commentators and policymakers
on both sides of the Atlantic have come to the realization
that Europe faces an enormous challenge from terrorism
of Islamist inspiration. Yet terrorism is only the tip of the
iceberg, the most visible manifestation of a larger problem.
Europe faces today a tripartite threat from radical Islam,
of which the terrorist is only the most immediate and evident,
but not necessarily the most dangerous one.
The European Islamist Pyramid
This tripartite threat can be visualized as a pyramid. At the
top of it are the violent jihadists, a few thousand individuals
scattered throughout the continent who openly challenge
the societies they live in, and are willing to spill blood to
achieve their goals. Below them are what can be defined
"peaceful revolutionaries," groups and networks that
openly express their opposition to any system of
government that does not strictly conform to shari'a
(Islamic law), yet do not, at least openly, directly
resort to violent means to further their agenda.
Finally, the base, the largest section of the pyramid,
is occupied by groups that publicly purport to support
democracy and the integration of Muslim communities
within the European mainstream, but quietly work to
radicalize Europe's Muslim population.