onsdag, januari 30, 2008

Uppdatering från Tehran: Hittills fem hängda...

Iran Human Rights, January 30:

At least five people have been hanged in
Tehran’s Evin prison, reported the state-run
news agency ISCANEWS.
Three others convicted for murder, who

were scheduled for execution today, were
given the possibility to pay blood money
and were not executed.
More information will follow.

According to the official Iranian news agency
IRNA, Jamshidi, the speaker of the Iranian
judiciary, said that Ayatollah Shahroudi,
head of the judiciary, has give order to stop
public hangings, unless in special cases.
He has also banned the media from
publishing pictures from the executions.
It seems that the international attention
towards the increasing numbers of the
executions in Iran, has made the Iranian
authorities put restrictions on the media
coverage of the executions.