onsdag, september 27, 2006

Nytt landmärke i London ?

"It will be the largest place of worship in Europe,
a gigantic three-storey Islamic centre,
with schools and other facilities, able to hold at least
40,000 worshippers and up to 70,000 if necessary.
It will be called the London Markaz and it is
intended to be a significant Islamic landmark
whose prominence and stature will be enhanced
by its proximity to the Olympic site. ...
Its backers are the Tablighi Jamaat,
a missionary organisation that says it is
non-political and peaceful.
Yet a senior FBI anti-terrorism official has
called it a recruiting ground for al-Qa'eda,
and the French secret services described
it as "an antechamber for fundamentalism".
Its current European headquarters are
in Dewsbury, home town of Mohammed Siddique Khan,
leader of the July 7 suicide bombers, who attended
the local mosque.
Much of the funding for the Markaz,
which will cost about £100 million,
is expected to come from Saudi Arabia."

Läs hela artikeln i Daily Telegraph