söndag, december 16, 2012

Revisor spred Al Qaedas tidning på nätet

Den 22-åriga revisorn Ruksana Begum
i London dömdes i veckan till ett års fängelse
för att ha spritt terroristmaterial på nätet. 
Hon distribuerade bl a Al Qaedas tidning
Inspire via sin mobiltelefon...
Hon var iförd niqab vid rättegången.
Begum är syster till de två dömda
terroristerna Gurukanth Desai och
Abdul Miah, som dömdes till 12
respektive 16 års fängelse tidigare
i år för att bl a ha planerat att
spränga Börsen i London.
Åklagaren Kate Wilkinson kommenterade:
'These items contained both instructional 
and ideological material. The magazines
are in English and are targeted at Muslims
living in the West.
‘They contain two types of material: firstly, 
material which is designed to make the
reader support, fund, or join the Jihad, and
particularly to encourage the Western reader
to attack the nation where he lives.
‘Secondly, the magazines provide practical 
guidance on how to commit acts of terrorism.’
Domaren sa när han avkunnade domen
mot Begum:

'It goes without saying this defendant’s criminality
is not necessary increased by the guilt of her brothers.
'But she is clearly moving in the milieu and that that
some of those close to her have serious Jihadist out-
look and certainly as far as her two brothers are
concerned, terrorist intentions.
'That connection has caused me to scrutinise carefully
whether she is a fellow traveller in the sense she 
supports those who commit serious crimes for ideological
or religious reasons.'
Abdul Miah, 25, was jailed for 16 years and
10 months and Gurukanth Desai, 30, for 12
years after they pleaded guilty to the plot at
Woolwich Crown Court in February this year.
They were part of a group of nine al-Qaeda
 inspired terrorists who planned to blow up
the London Stock Exchange during a 
Christmas bomb blitz.
Other potential targets for 'Mumbai style'
attacks included the London Eye, Big Ben,
Westminster Abbey, The Palace of Westminster,
and the home address of Mayor Boris Johnson.

Cardiff brothers Desai and Miah had previously
tested a pipe bomb after reading Inspire which
contained a recipe 'Make a bomb in the kitchen
of your mom'.