onsdag, december 05, 2012

Klein Verzet: "I´m done"

Klein Verzet är en holländsk bloggare,
som  uppmärksammades ordentligt
först genom sin utmärkta bevakning
av den långa och skandalartade rätte-
Troget satt han dag efter dag och skrev
referat av de ofta mycket värdefulla
vittnesmålen. Men inte minst när han
justitieministern, jäviga domare och
statens försök att muta vittnen blev
det riktigt spännande.
På senare tid har han även gett den
förföljde Fjordman en ny plattform.
Nu har han detta tråkiga meddelande:
KV is over. Recent events, most notably the
re-election of the Obama, have convinced me
the world is moving in a direction where my
blogging is of no use.
That is not to say blogging in general is useless.
Far from it. There is a plethora of blogs out there
(see the right-side column), that provide anyone
looking for it with news that matters, news the
EUro MSM will not touch, news that will make
one infinitely better informed than your average
I am, however, not one of those quality members.
I have not the time or the attention, as matters
in my personal life demand my energies.
It has been fun, but this is where it ends. Thank
you all for the feedback and encouragement.
Don’t give up the good fight. I won’t.
I may stop blogging, but there are other means
at ones disposal. Down in the underground, as
one D. Bowie would have it.
Cheers all. See you on the other side.
KV out.