tisdag, april 27, 2010

Nordkoreanska självmordsdykare sänker marinfartyg

En nordkoreansk specialenhet med mini-
ubåtar och självmordsdykare misstänks
ligga bakom attacken mot det sydkoreanska
marinfartyget Cheonan 26 mars, rapporterar
Daily Telegraph. Fartyget skadades allvarligt
och 46 sjömän dödades.
North Korean officials who have defected to
South Korea but still have contact with North
Korean military sources say they have been
told that the attack was carried out on the
orders of Mr Kim and involved a unit of 13
specially trained commandos and modified
midget submarines.
The submarines were manoeuvred close to

their target before being detonated, probably
along with their crews. Alternatively, the
attackers may have used timed charges.