lördag, november 04, 2006

Mordisk imam gripen

Dutch prosecutors launched a
criminal investigation Thursday
into a Muslim cleric who reportedly
cursed Theo van Gogh just weeks
before an Islamic radical shot and
stabbed the filmmaker to death.

The announcement came two
years to the day after Van Gogh
was slain on an Amsterdam
street by Mohammed Bouyeri,
who is serving a life sentence
for the murder.
The daily newspaper De Volkskrant
this week reported that Sheik
Fawaz Jneid, of the As-Soennah
mosque in The Hague, denounced
Van Gogh and lawmaker Ayaan
Hirsi Ali in a 2004 sermon, calling
on God to give Van Gogh an incurable
illness and Hirsi Ali cancer.
The paper said it had a recording
of the sermon, and had translated
it into Dutch from Arabic.
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