onsdag, november 29, 2006

En brittisk varning...

Ur Jerusalem Post:
An interview with British Labor MP
Dennis MacShane,
"a close ally of British Prime
Minister Tony Blair and
co-author of a hard-hitting report on
the rise of anti-Semitism across Europe":
"'You have a witches' brew.
You have the rise of ideological
Islamism across Europe which is
openly anti-Semitic and subscribes
to the appalling statements by the
president of Iran that Israel should
be wiped off the face of the earth.
Islamist ideological politics are rising
in a coherent and organized way -
Web sites, meetings, articles and preaching
- which demonizes Jews,' he explained.
"Then you get the 'soft' anti-Semitism
that you get from Muslim intellectuals
- these are often religious.
The Muslim Brotherhood, who say
that there is a Zionist or Jewish control
over the media and politics
- whereas just in the 1930s you heard
talk of the Jewish conspiracy,
today you hear talk about the Jewish Lobby.
"And there is also traditional
hard right-wing anti-Semitism,"
he continued.
"Don't forget that in Austria,
the far-right got 50 percent of the vote,
and in France they knocked off the
socialist candidate at
the last presidential election,
and in England the British National
Party is now the second party in
quite a number of working class
'Then you have the Left,
and it's not just the far-left but
the legitimate Left's hatred of Israel
- this kind of distorted association of Israel
and America as the twin demons
that have caused all the world's problems,
and associate the 'Jewish influence'
with all of this.'"