tisdag, februari 21, 2012

Operation PIZZA: När CIA utplånade sin Beirutstation...av misstag

För ett år sedan lyckades CIA av
Sedan Hizballah övervakat hur
en inkompetent amerikansk tjänste-
man träffade alla sina agenter på
övervakning av iranska, syriska och
Hizballahaagenter i Libanon.
The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah
has unraveled much of the CIA's mission
in Lebanon, capturing up to a dozen U.S.
spies in the country and effectively shutting
down the agency's crucial operations there.
"Beirut station is out of business," a
source told the Los Angeles Times today.
The incident is a major blow to the CIA
and to U.S. intelligence.
The agency's posting in Lebanon has for
decades been one of its most aggressive,
most highly valued, and, for its staff, most
prestigious. Though the CIA base there
aggressively tracks Hezbollah, it is also
a headquarters for monitoring and often
 countering Syria and Iran.
Journalisterna har döpt fadäsen till
Operation PIZZA.