fredag, april 15, 2011

"Moderata islamister" bara ett hjärnspöke, varnar kristen ledare

Katolska nyhetsbyrån CNA varnar Västerlandet
för att vara alltför godtrogna inför extremister som
uppträder som ”moderata islamister” i samband
med omvälvningarna i Nordafrika och Mellanöstern.
Inte minst EU och president Obama fungerar som
sådana nyttiga idioter inför jihadisterna….
Habib Malik, a Lebanese Roman Catholic scholar
and human rights advocate, recently warned
Western countries to be on their guard against
radical Islamic forces that present themselves
as political “moderates” in countries such as Libya
and Egypt.
“Another fallacy is rearing its head again, and we saw
this prior to 9/11,” said Malik in a March 31 address
at Washington, D.C.'s Westminster Institute.
“It's now coming back into the discourse, unfortunately,
in Washington: this very wrong and dangerous idea
that 'there are moderate fundamentalists and there
are radical fundamentalists, and maybe we can talk to
the moderate fundamentalists and wean them away
from it.” 
This is garbage, and nonsense,” said Malik, author
of the 2010 book “Islamism and the Future of the
Christians of the Middle East,” as he described the
notion of “moderate” Islamic radicalism as a
fantasy entertained by the West.
It doesn't exist. There is no such thing.
What appears to be moderate can, in an instant,
flip and change.”
“When you're thousands of miles away, in a place like
Washington, you give this armchair analysis that
generates policy, about 'moderate' and 'radical'
This eventually translates itself very adversely, on the
scene over there.
It affects whole communities of Christians on the ground.”
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood played a
significant part in overturning a government
they had long opposed in favor of a religious state.
Meanwhile, Libyan rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-
Hasidi has acknowledged the presence of fighters
linked to al-Qaida among his troops. In his remarks
at the Westminster Institute, Malik used his own
homeland of Lebanon to illustrate how repressive
ideologies can hide behind the appearance of
moderation and modernity.