söndag, juli 05, 2009

Antisemitisk mobbning mot fyraåring.....

Brittiska Jewish Chronicle via Engage berättar
om hur en fyraårig judisk flicka mobbas av
muslimer på ett "multikulturellt" islam-
dominerat dagis.

"A four-year-old girl has been withdrawn

from a West London infants’ school after

being subjected to repeated antisemitic

remarks by other pupils.

Her father, journalist Nick Johnstone, has

accused the head teacher, Philip Eaton,

of failing to deal with his complaints.

He has since complained to the local

education authority about Mr Eaton and

has also reported the matter to police

and his MP, Mark Field.


In an email to Mr Johnstone, the head

admitted that both he and the school

“have let your family down”.

Mr Johnstone’s daughter, whom he asked

not to be named, joined Hallfield Infants’

School in Paddington, a multi-faith but

predominantly Muslim school, in January.

Physical and verbal bullying of the girl

started some time ago and escalated last

week to religious abuse.

He said: “A girl told her that ‘Jewishes are

yuck’, ‘Jewishes don’t care about people’,

‘you can’t trust Jewishes’ and ‘you can’t

throw a ball to Jewishes because they kick

it in your face’. Another girl told her

‘Jewishes are not nice people’.

” She was told that “Allah would burn her

in the fire” because she was not Muslim."


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