måndag, november 22, 2021

Hamas-massaker vid Tempelberget

En Hamasterrorist i 40-årsåldern, förklädd till ortodox jude, löpte på söndagen  amok med ett automatvapen vid ingången till Tempelberget i Jerusalem. Fyra judar sköts. Minst en judisk guide är död. Terroristen avlivades av polisen.

Just nu pågår en ny terrorvåg i Jerusalem. Det har annars varit en (relativt) lugn period under Tredje Intifadan....

An Arab terrorist shot and murdered an Israeli man in his 30s and wounded three others at one of the entrances to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday morning. The terrorist was shot and neutralized by Israeli forces.

Aryeh Yaffe, a volunteer doctor with the United Hatzalah emergency organization who was one of the first responders at the scene, said that one person was critically injured, another is in moderate condition and conscious, and another two sustained light injuries, The critically injured victim, Eliyahu David Kay, a 26-year-old new immigrant from South Africa, succumbed to his wounds shortly after the attack.

Hadassah hospital stated that it received three of the casualties from the attack, a 46 years-old man moderately injured and conscious, a 30-year old man in light condition, and a third 31-year-old in light condition

Jewish visitors on the Temple Mount were rushed away from the holy site.

The police stated that around 9 a.m., a terrorist armed with a Carlo-type submachine gun carried out a shooting attack in the Old City.

As a result of the shooting attack, two civilians were seriously injured and were evacuated for medical treatment at the hospital, and two other policemen were lightly injured. Police returned fire at the terrorist and neutralized him.

Jerusalem District Commander  Doron Turgeman arrived at the scene. Large police forces continued to operate at the scene of the attack.

An initial investigation indicates that the terrorist was dressed as an ultra-Orthodox Jew.

The terrorist, who was shot dead at the scene was identified as Fadi Abu Shahidam, a resident of the Shuafat refugee camp in his 40s, affiliated with Hamas.

Minister of Internal Security Omer Barlev stated that the terrorist was a member of Hamas, a member of its political faction. His wife left the country three days ago, and his children are also abroad.

“It seems that an attack was planned. His wife fled abroad and he decided to carry it out,” said Barlev.

Hamas praised the attack, saying that “the holy city will continue to fight until it expels the foreign occupier and will not succumb to the reality of the occupation. The young people will continue their legitimate struggle until they achieve their freedom, their land is liberated and the holy places are returned to them.”

The Islamic Jihad also welcomed the lethal attack as “a heroic attack” that is “a natural response to the escalation of terrorism by Israeli settlers and soldiers living in delusions.”

This is the second terror attack in the area in less than a week.

Two Israeli police officers, a man and a woman, were wounded in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday evening. The terrorist was by killed Israeli forces.