lördag, november 07, 2009

Den somaliska terrorismen och Europa

"A number of Western countries with large Somali

populations have seen people disappear to Somalia.

In the United States, this phenomenon has been

primarily associated with the Minneapolis-St. Paul

area, where 70,000 Somalis reside. However, there

are credible reports of disappearances in other

American cities with large Somali populations,

and federal investigations of the disappearances are

“active in Seattle; Boston; San Diego; Columbus,

Ohio; and Portland, Maine.”

While most people who disappeared in this manner

are of Somali descent, a number of non-Somalis—

such as Daniel Maldonado, Ruben Shumpert, and

Troy Kastigar—have also gone to Somalia to

connect with jihadis.


International reporting shows that in addition to the

cases in the U.S., disappearances have occurred

in other countries with large diaspora communities.

The U.K. has the largest Somali population in Europe,

around 250,000. The Times of London reports that

British security services believe that “[d]ozens of

Islamic extremists have returned to Britain from

terror training camps in Somalia.”

Peter Neumann of the International Centre for the

Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence at

King’s College, London, told a British news outlet:

“The numbers I hear (going from Britain to Somalia)

are 50, 60 or 70, but in reality we don’t know.”


Sweden’s security service SAPO believes that about 20

people have left Sweden to join al-Shabaab.

This includes people of various ethnicities, not just

Somalis. Canadian government sources have told

the press that 20 to 30 Canadians have joined

al-Shabaab, a development that the country’s public

safety minister has said “alarmed” him.

And “[w]hile Somali community leaders in Australia say

that between 10 and 20 Somali refugees have returned

to their homeland to join the fight, Australian authorities

have estimated the figure may be double that.”
Ett litet smakprov ur senaste numret av
CTR Vantage, utgiven av Center for
Terrorism Research. Det är ett temanummer
om terrorism i Somalia. Som ni ser behandlas
också de somaliska exilgruppernas stora
betydelse för al-Shabaabs framväxt och
finansiering. Inte minst Sverige och Norge
har haft en central betydelse där.
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