torsdag, april 26, 2007

"Jihad och Den Svenska Modellens kollaps"

Den norske bloggaren Fjordman var länge
en ensam sanningssägare
om islamism och de
skandinaviska länderna.
Tyvärr stängde han sin blogg
men dyker ibland upp som
gästbloggare på bl a Brussels Journal.

Oroligheterna på Rosengård har
föranlett en läsvärd krönika:

Ett smakprov:
"Is it just a coincidence that the one
country on the European continent
that has avoided war for the longest
period of time, Sweden, is also arguably
the one Western nation where Political
Correctness has reached the worst heights?
Maybe the prolonged period of peace has
created an environment where layers of
ideological nonsense have been allowed
to pile up for generations without stop.
I don't know what Sweden will look like a
generation from now, but I'm pretty sure
it won't be viewed as a model society.
And if the absence of war is one of the
causes of its current weakness, I fear
that is a problem that will soon be cured."