måndag, april 02, 2007

Baby på spett...?

Då och då hittar man historier på
nätet som man hoppas ändå inte
är sanna...
Men katolska kyrkans officiella
organ i Storbritannien
dessvärre anses som en s k
auktoritativ källa:
“When they cook a dish in the
Middle East, it is traditional to
put the meat on top of the rice
when they serve it.
They kidnapped a woman’s baby
in Baghdad, a toddler, and because
the mother was unable to pay the
ransom, they returned her child
– beheaded, roasted and served on
a mound of rice.”
The infant’s crime was to be
an Assyrian, but this story,
reported by the Barnabus
Fund, went unnoticed in the
West, like so many other horrific
accounts of Christian
persecution in Iraq.