onsdag, april 01, 2020

Qatar - islamismens centrum idag ?

Då en allt större del av Sveriges befolkning befinner sig i mer eller mindre frivillig "karantän" alternativt hemarbete tänkte jag de närmaste veckorna glädja er med lite längre läsvärda artiklar och boktips....

Qatar är egentligen bara en fläck i öken befolkad av 300.000 stenrika beduiner.
Tyvärr använder landet sin förmögenhet till att finansiera och sprida Muslimska Brödraskapets islamism.
Tidskriften Tablet beskriver hur Qatar använder miljarder till att infiltrera och
undergräva Västerlandet.
TV-kanalen Al-Jazeera, finansiering av dussintals universitet i Europa och USA,
byggandet av hundratals moskeer i Europa, frikostiga mutor till korrupta politiker (t ex Clinton) och en uppsjö av lobbyister är exempel på Qatars verksamhet. 

Ett litet smakprov:

"To expand Doha’s portfolio, and minimize its reliance on energy prices, in 2005 Hamad founded the Qatar Investment Authority which now has nearly $330 billion in assets. The QIA has extensive investments throughout Europe, with significant stakes in brand name British, French, and German corporations and financial institutions, including Volkswagen, Porsche, France Telecom, Credit Suisse, and Royal Dutch Shell. 

It’s holdings in London alone include Sainsbury’s, Harrods, the Olympic village, the U.S. Embassy building in Grosvenor Square, as well as 8% of the London Stock Exchange, a similar cut of Barclays and a quarter of Sainsbury’s. In total, they own more of London, it is said, than the Crown Estate.

Among the best known European brands the Qataris have invested in are football teams, which also allows them to compete with the similarly soccer-crazy Emiratis. Both see it as a way to promote their global brand. In 2012 Qatar Sports Investments bought the French soccer team, Paris Saint-Germain. Qatar Airways, the state-owned national carrier, sponsors a number of major teams around the world, including the Italian club AS Roma, the German league’s Bayern Munich, Boca Juniors in Argentina, and formerly the perennial Spanish powerhouse Barcelona FC.
Most prominently, Qatar is host to the 2022 World Cup. Construction of the various sites, like new stadiums and hotels, depends on cheap labor from Bangladesh and elsewhere from the Asian subcontinent. A 2015 report showed that 1,200 workers had died and estimates suggest that by the time of the first kickoff in November 2022 there may be a total of 4,000 dead."

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